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Otsuka, Thailand

Before 1965, Thailand had, product and use of Basic Intravenous Solutions in glass bottles and imported from Europe.
Otsuka (Pharmaceutical company in Japan) foresaw the opportunity that the Thai people could use more modern and safer Basic Intravenous Solutions and, therefore, collaborated with Chor. Charoen Bhaesaj managed by Khun Charoen Suntayodom, in importing Basic Intravenous Solutions in plastic bottles with the closed system and subsequently it was well popular among the Thai people and could not meet the market demands. Khun Charoen took the milestone decision to produce these products locally instead of importing from Japan. So he negotiated with the executives of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan at that time to invest and establish a company and Basic Intravenous Solution factory in Thailand under the efficient technology of Otsuka Pharmaceutical o., Ltd., Japan.

Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was officially established on December 7, 1973, making it the first joint venture outside Japan of Otsuka Group.

For over 40 years until today, Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has still adhered to the first concept when it was established for the better health of Thai people. We promise to innovate, develop and improve in order to obtain the quality products and enhance the better quality of life for Thai people forever.





Discovery through Hard Work and Practice



Actualization proof through execution




“Busaburo on the cow’s back”

This image called “Busaburo on the cow’s back” was published in internal of Otsuka group company to communicate the mottos and thinking way of founder. The boy who sat on the cow’s back is Mr. Busaburo Otsuka in childhood.

During World War I, he joined the navy to served his country and he had a chance to study engineering in meanwhile. Mr. Busaburo Otsuka was started a business after the World War I ended. As a traditional Japanese believe that Cow was a formidable animal and sitting on its back was forbidden. So, sitting on the cow’s back implies that we did not stick on traditional ideas or beliefs and we must prove it through practice by ourselves.

The rice field in the picture background was belongs to Mr. Busaburo's father. His father was initially opposed to his decision to start a business but after some time passed he sold the land to support his son's business. As a result, this land marks the start of Otsuka.

“ 流汗悟道 ”

Ryukan-godo” is Mr. Busaburo's motto which means "At the end, there is no way to understand the essence of everything without hard working and practicing.” Otsuka Group reach out to what we are currently as a result of Mr. Busaburo's strong efforts, which have been entrusted to us.


The individuality and truth will be appear when the execution succeed.

Mr. Masahito Otsuka, the second family leader,

inherited the business in 1946 and expanded the business to medical food and saline solution.

He provided us the motto "Jissho-shugi" which means everything must be done to make it happen. Action speak louder than words. For example, if we put effort 99% to a medicine and it’s almost

authorized despite, it is regarded disapproved and it might give us a zero value. We must put more than 100% effort for completion. So everything prove through by execution.


Mr. Akihiko Otsuka is the third generation of the Otsuka family to run the company.

"Dokusotekina Sozoryoku," which refers to "unique originality without imitation," is the concept he mentioned 40 years ago, when no one demands for as many advancements as they do now. After that, a new category called "Shin Kategori" is added.

We created brand new products that we had never had before, and this is considered a new category, which includes Pocari Sweat and Calorie Mate, drugs in the ADPKD group

Finally, "Gurobarutenkai" is a Japanese word that indicates "global commercial expansion." He looked at expanding his efforts beyond his home country and made a goal to "encourage people all around the world to live healthier lives."

Thai Otsuka's Philosophy

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

These words embody our dedication to:






Bent Cedar Tree

The aim of this sculpture is reminder to the need of think differently and to convey the message that when something doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean it could not be happened.

Giant Tomato tree

Normally a tomato plant produces only about 60 tomatoes, by using hydroponic cultivation the potential of each plant is unlocked, allowing it to produce an astonishing 10,000 tomatoes. The tomato tree is symbolic of freeing our mind to explore and unlock our true potential.

Floating Stones

A stone garden where large, heavy stones appear to float on water. The paradox of this fascinating garden is intended to encourage and cultivate people ability to think in a different way and come up with new ideas.


Our Innovation

Make the difference, Lead to the better future.

Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established a new product development department to focus specifically on Medical Foods, to provide the better product quality continuously. We realize that the products that are involved with the promotion of the consumer health must be high-quality, safe and standard products which can exactly meet the needs of patients and consumers.

We have, therefore, invested in leading edge technology equipment, tools, research facilities and also clinical trials with the integral involvement of Healthcare Professionals from the leading hospitals and educational institutes in Thailand in order to provide the quality products to consumers.

Therefore, we can assure that every product manufactured under our brand is the result of our dedication and commitment to exactly create a better quality of life.