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Let's have a look at 7 steps to prepare tube feeding 
1. Provide the patient with information. 
2. Place the patient on his back with his head lifted at a 30-45 degree angle.
3. Clean the rubber stopper with a cotton ball wet with water and check to see if the hose is still in the stomach.
   • Use a syringe attached to the feeding line's end and suck the stomach's gastric juice out.
   • If it cannot be sucked out, the hose may be folded or not deep enough. Try sliding the hose further and suck it once more. If it cannot be sucked out.It is suggested to see a doctor. 
4. Check if there is food in the stomach.
   • Suck out the old food from the stomach. If the amount is between 200 and 400 ml, you can continue to feed normally.
   • If the amount of old food sucking from the stomach is more than 400 ml, skip that meal and identify the cause or seek medical advice.
5. Start feeding by lifting the feeding bag over the patient's head and let the food slowly trickle down your throat.
6. If there is a medicine, provide the crushed medicine followed by 50 mL of water.  Clean the rubber stopper with a damp cotton ball and firmly close it.
7. After feeding, place the patient in a posture where their head is elevated for roughly 1 to 2 hours to avoid choking.