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Chemotherapy and radiation patients may experience symptoms of oral mucositis including having a dry, red and swollen mouth which causes oral ulcers, burning sensations, and changed taste perceptions. These symtoms will affect food intake. Recommended food for these patients having oral mucositis include
Foods high in protein and easy to digest, such as fish, poultry, eggs, and tofu, cooked by boiling, stewing, or steaming.

Boiled veggies and potatoes, then mashed and mixed with milk to make them soft and simple to consume.

The fruit with not overly sweet flavors is peeled and chopped into small pieces including apple, guava, papaya, and watermelon 

Drink 1 glass of fruit smoothie every day to receive vitamins and fiber and prevent constipation

• Ice cream milkshake to relieve dry mouth and burning
• Medical food with high protein and energy that help supplement full nutrition with nutrients and promote immunity.


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